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Since establishing in 2020, Kaizen has built solutions for tech products all around the world. Most notably we've been serving Stillio happily ever since. Below you can find more details on the solutions we've produced.

Stillio is the most reliable way to Automatically Capture Website Screenshots. Kaizen has been in partnership with stillio since 2020. During this time, together we built an amazing front-end Nuxt application that lets users have full control over their scheduled website archiving. Over the years we have also gained more trust with the system and now help a team of brilliant developers maintain a large array of systems ranging from AWS to CDNs.

Conrad Scheffer Architects is an Architectural firm based in Walvis Bay Namibia. It is one of our oldest projects, but still very deserving of this list. This site features rich image and text content, which has been performing well for a long period and built on PHP.

Superdense is the most compact bookmark manager for all your browsers and devices. Kaizen was the lead on this project and in collaboration with the founder, we built a SaaS in The Netherlands that was good enough to be #1 product of the week on Product Hunt. Along with building a large amount of services to run the platform, Kaizen also assisted with marketing and support endeavours.

de Baken is an accommodation establishment in Walvis Bay. Kaizen took the lead on this project to set up a Property Management System along with developing a website that we're extremely proud of. Outside of the technical details of integrating a CMS with a Nuxt app and hooking up a booking system - we also acheived remarkable SEO marketing results and tend to rank in the top 5 for Google searches for accommodation at the coast.

ID Today enhances your Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures, offering efficiency and cost-effectiveness while bolstering compliance standards. Kaizen was appointed to deliver a critical integration of the Dow Jones Screening and Monitoring API into their risk assessment. Based on React, we also built a full self-service risk screening application for ID Today.

Hornbill is an AI application that is trained on tens of thousands of Namibian legal documents. It provides a chat interface to ask legal legal questions. This is a 100% Kaizen product. The solution involved complicated vector database seeding from PDF documents and creating embeddings to query large language models with.

Readyy is a AI powered reading speed and comprehension app. It provides a gamified app interface where you read daily texts and answer questions about that text. Readyy is a 100% Kaizen product and has been successful on the international market. The application boasts an intuitive interface, leaderboard, weekly results email and USD subscription payments through Stripe.

Our preferred technologies

Although we are flexible with technologies and can easily adapt to the needs of our clients - we are very excited when we can architect a piece of web technology using the following tech.

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Kaizen Codes is run by our founder, and is filled with useful coding eduction content. Below is some of our favouries.

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